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My best friend, Caroline, frequently reminds me that I have a very distinct “judge-y face” when I disagree with something. I wonder if it looks something like this expression on my newest creation.

My most recent work, SOURPUSS (mixedmedia on wood panel 10″ x 22″) is portrait of a feminine, anthropomorphic alien. The elongated framing is meant to be reminiscent of a scroll and the patterned background that of Orientalist patterned fabrics. The figure is both beautiful and sickly. Her mouth is delicately obscured by a pale butterfly-like veil. In this painting, I wrestle with thoughts about sickness, voyeurism, attraction, and self-indulgence, finding inspiration in amusing or troublesome experiences with social media, politics, and personal life. I’m also curious about the role of makeup and costumes in feminist ideals.