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Today’s post is a review of the new Rani Cosmetics Sparked Dazzling Lipsticks. These are the first product launch from Rani Cosmetics, which is the baby of Eshani from MakeupJunkie101 on YouTube. I’ve been a huge fan of Eshani’s for years and am excited and proud of her for creating her own makeup line. She named the company Rani because it’s a word for “Queen” in many Indian languages. She wants everyone who wears her products to feel like royalty. She wanted to create a unique product, something different from any other lip product on the market. I have to say, I think she accomplished that. While I’ve used quite a few shimmery lip products before, and even sported glittery lips quite often, these guys certainly are different.

These lipsticks are meant to be universally flattering, and especially so for those with medium to dark skintones!  While I have fair skin, I do think these are flattering on me. For reference I wear the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk in #4, Mac NC 20, and MUFE Y225.

Each lipstick costs $18. I bought the bundle of all six shades for $99. Rani ships worldwide, with free domestic shipping at $50, and free international at $125. Each lipstick comes with a net weight of 0.12 fl oz, or 3.5 g, which is a similar amount and less expensive per ounce as a Nars lipsticks and more product than a MAC lipstick.

The Sparked Dazzling Lipsticks are marketed to be worn either sheer or opaquely.  When worn sheer, they give the lips a hint of color and shimmer. They can easily be built up to full opacity to achieve a bright, bold, and sparkly finish. The exception is Lassi, which is fairly opaque in one swipe. I’ve worn these over lip-liners, over other lipsticks as lip toppers, and also on their own. My favorite way to sport these is over a lip-liner. Without one, I find these to have a blurry edge effect, because of the sheer, buildable formulation. It is difficult to create a crisp edge unless you use a lip-liner and clean up after with a concealer.

When I first apply these lipsticks they do feel a little bit gritty from the fine pieces of glitter. Keep in mind that these *are* glittery (containing actual micro glitter particles), not shimmery or metallic. I personally LOVE a glittery lip and often use loose glitter. These are gorgeous and so much easier to wear than other forms of glitter lips I’ve tried. Although I feel the particles when I first apply the lipstick, it feels nice and smooth when I rub my lips together.

Each one of the 6 shades feels hydrating and comfortable on my lips most likely due to the conditioning ingredients (including castor seed oil, coconut oil, and mango seed butter). For being glittery, they actually look quite flattering and don’t accentuating fine lines or chapped lips dramatically. Each one of the shades has great lasting power for being a creamy bullet lipstick. I can get 5 hours without any trace of bleeding or much wear out of any of these shades (more out of Syrup, which stains like a mofo!). I was pleasantly surprised that they fade gracefully.  My problem with glittery lipsticks I’ve worn in the past (including the Oyster Pearl shade from Bite Beauty) is that when the color fades, it leaves behind patchy glitter, and ends up looking quite unflattering until you reapply or remove with makeup remover. These don’t do that! After wearing them for a few hours and eating/drinking, the glitter can move a bit. I’ve seen it settle more in the center of my lower lip. Honestly, it’s nothing a little refresh coat won’t fix, or, if you want to change to a different lip, you can simply wipe the residual glitter away (though there may be one hell of a stain left behind).

Each lipstick is laced with a unique fragrance. Honestly, I wish they were fragrance free, and I don’t especially agree with the claim that they’re subtle scents (or maybe it’s my notorious doggy nose at work). The fragrance seems to linger for a half hour or so after applying.

Tattoo has a caramel cream scent. It’s the most neutral of the 6 shades.. I would say it’s a deep orange nude with pink shimmer.


Latte is a deep chocolate brown with purple and blue reflects. It has a spicy cinnamon type of scent (my least favorite of the scents).



Eclipse is a deep purple with pink shimmer. It has a coconut scent.

Lassi is a bright orange-based red with gold and pink shimmer. It has a mango scent. This one was a fairly subtle fragrance, which was funny because it was the most pigmented lipstick of the bunch.

Syrup is a bold blue based pink with gold and pink shimmer. It has a rose scent.

Bindi is a pink-red with gold and pink shimmer. This has a sweet strawberry cream scent.

These lipsticks are officially husband approved. When Ryan saw me after work, he said my lips looked beautiful and sparkly. 😀

The packaging is bright UV coated matte white with a rose-gold foiled Henna-inspired design and a hot pink foiled logo and peacock feather on the top. I wish the design had the same duochrome quality as the box it was packaged in. A cool tidbit is that Eshani said she had an artist hand draw the design on paper specifically for the packaging. There is a sticker with a color indicator on the bottom. The casing is made of sturdy plastic. It’s not heavy, but not super lightweight either.

I highly recommend checking out the Rani Cosmetics Sparked Dazzling Lipsticks if you like a fantastic glitter lip, bold colors, hydrating formula, and unique scents in your lipsticks. Till next time! XO

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